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Apowersoft Screen Recorder is an efficient screen recorder with which you can record video and audio on your computer. It's very useful to save important information, keep multimedia resources, and create your own tutorials to upload them on YouTube.

The program lets you record in full screen, using a customized section, or with the webcam. Using the first option you record everything on your screen. The second records only what's inside an area that you specify. The last one just uses the webcam, and records what's in front of it. You also have to choose if the source of the audio is going to be the system, the microphone, or both.

The full version of Apowersoft Screen Recorder doesn't have any time limits so you can record for hours without a problem. Once you are done, you can change the format for the audio and video.

Finally, if you want to record some specific program or start recording on a specific time, you can set it up so it starts automatically, which is very useful if you need to record anything when you are not around. You can also set up a time to stop recording, so you can capture only what you need. Besides all of this, you can also turn off the computer automatically once it's done recording.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386


-Watermarks on the final video.
-Three minutes is the maximum recording time on the trial version.
-Converts only one minute of video.

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